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All of my newest stuff everyone!!:)



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now none of your buisness!!
About me! im 22 and like to draw traditional or digital, I like to make my own scfi ,fantasy stuff! I like dragons,comics and much more!

Ive never won a oct before and im not good at rping...however I LOVE to make groups ^^

im ok to talk to so don't be afraid to talk to me ^^ :) , I don't tolerate art thieves,rudeness,negativity,ignorance,terms referring to my obvious gender,lack of consideration or manners and will block or ban any thieves in my sorry but people need to learn how to draw even its not a master piece it will be appreciated for its originality rather then resort to stupid stealing.

Im not a attention seeker but like everyone else I do enjoy positive feedback...but I aslo appreciate helpful info on my comics as to how to improve them. Faves are ok but don't tell me much except you peoples like everything ive done XD

As we'll feel free to give me a nickname like Para or something, I don't mind ! :)


Dergon makin skillzzz by Paralell-dragonhuman
Dergon makin skillzzz
created by; :iconparaxellate: aka me :icon Paralell-dragonhuman

I submitted it on other account first and now here fir you guys to see ^^.


green dragon;  Forest dragon

purple ish dragon: void Dragon

blue-prurple-aqua: Shoreline dragon

grey,gold,blue: Zipheyr dragon

Orange,green,yellow: Dead leaves dragon
so after popping by here a few times this 2015 I want to let you all know allot has changed. Im drawing comics so far xD if no one saw yet on my other account.

As for here I need to let everyone know what you still see is some very old stuff of mine, i deleted most already except some adopts.. and anyone whos account is deactivated that has any adopts from me will no longer have ownership of the adopt..the next person who asks will get it...Agan i need to remind new people that any adopts that say i will draw it for you have been discontinued for a very long time however feel free to keep it anyways if you like.

So some changes will be on the way maybe today or over the course of this year :)..good changes of course.

Some much better art and some neat stuff is comming ^^.

I know it looked like i abandoned this account for awhile but i didnt, i had a bad 3 years of depression am in a rut..i think now its way better then its ever been, I considered deleting this once but im too attached to it to just do that and all the memories ive had where good ones so this account will never be deleted.
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New species, Delmaray gods of the swords(new owner by Paralell-dragonhuman
New species, Delmaray gods of the swords(new owner
The species is called Delmaray, named after the original god Delmaryxinthe.

this ones is claimed by; :iconpinkfuzzymoose:

--personality: independant,loner.

---This Delmaray is as rare as blood diamond,many have tried to get their hands on this sword and have ben killed by this Delmaray named Espassh, the creature form is a form the swords can take in order to keep hidden from unworthy hands.

created by: Paralell-dragonhuman
im not using this account much so if you are commenting or trying to reach me you will find me here! :iconparaxellate:

so please dont  comment here anymore otherwise you will not get an answer from me.thank you to those who actually read this before commenting.

One more thing!, i will not be drawing old adoptables or selling them anymore,for one their too old and second i wont be here to answer comments.
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Arion-Virozek Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
any eggs up for sale?
also, what happens to things people bought from you but they quit DA and dont use them?
unfortunately they stay with that person unless they choose to give them back to me.
im sorry but there isn't.

yeah, im sad to see my adopt went unused..i ut hard work into those.
Arion-Virozek Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
i bought alot of your stuff a long time ago, but never found uses for it
Paralell-dragonhuman Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
that's ok
eilujenna Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
Happy Birthday!
eilujenna Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
Your welcome! Have a nice day!
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Happy Birthday
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