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All of my newest stuff everyone!!:)




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:new: --updated information 2016/08/17 <-- updating profile picture soon.

Im from northwestern canada where winter can be bad as minus 30 below and spring and summer can be 29 above. Autumn is the nicest looking season around here.

:bulletpurple:Drawing is my biggest hobby and source of good emotion(happiness). I enjoy creating my own types of fantasy /scifi creatures for my years old dream world. recently i had to change its name due to trade mark and other places with the same name Eternia. It is now called either of these 3 names 1)Interna,2)interniaI or 3)Eternis.

--I can draw traditionally,digitally using my wacom intuos pen and tablet or a wacom(with a wire usb) as well i can paint(not too good though).

I am glad to have a few friends here on deviantart and id too long to name them all(you know who you are).

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:What i can draw, Rather most willing to draw haha!.:
-Dragons: my own kinds of them.
-creatures,lab monsters.
-dragonhuman hybrids,humanoid things:depending on detail complexity.
-comics: though i still need allot of work on them.Collaborations included although recently im not doing them anymore.
-places,items,objects:minus guns and real army weapons.
-chibi characters,though rarely.
-robots,obviously made up kinds and not the real complex ones like transformers.

what else i can do:
If your one of my close friends ill try to do what you ask me to :).

:bulletred: :bulletred:What i will not draw: unwilling.
-Fan made creations from trademarked or existing franchises,not including franchises you own yourself if you have one.
-vore,fetish,yaoi,sexual art.
-gift art for someones friend who has not given permission to do so then get me to draw said persons character.
-art with naked bodies by dragons,naked women or men by dragons..anything grossly naked by a dragon.
-Show art in a group that sounds degrading or offensive.
-Do any art for mentally ill people. Its word for me and is too much of a risk for me.

:bulletblack: Other things:
:bulletgreen: I an not mean to talk to so go ahead and ask me questions or stop in and say hi. though if your not someone i know who goes and does that..thats ok, ill reply an dpossibly check out your profile to see if you are alright.
:bulletred: I do not rp.
:bulletred: Do not do comissions.
:bulletred: Do not do art trades.
:bulletred: Do not do anything fan made unless i really like it and i mean REALLY like whatever it is.
:bulletred: Do not draw complete humans,animals or things regularly seen in real life, they are hard to draw and time consuming.

My prints are available to buy here on on this profile or :iconparaxellate: , as well if youd like to donate points to me or money please ask first.

I hope you all enjoy my profile ^^


its been a very long time since i spent time on this acount,i noticed lots of changes now that im going back and forth on each.

How you all doing?

1) Everyones changing their user name. so i know for future reference whos who on here?.

2) Does anyone miss a few of my ocs?, who do you miss most?.well guess what: they will be coming back soon: though i cant say how soon i have a picture in progress of 3 you may see.  One of my hopes is to organize a comic with them involved but will see what happens.
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Hello, for anyone who is trying to adopt old adopts from me i have indeed sent you this reply comment below:

hi, im very sorry for my very late reply!, im discontinuing all adoptables and will be deleting all  and it wouldnt be right for me to give anyone an adopt that im deleting.

im sorry but i cant give you this one.

Unfortunately i will not be giving them to anyone as they are to be deleted and it  as i have said "agan isnt right for me to give something im deleting",i do apologize to those if this has inconvenienced any of you and hope other adoptables from different creators will be better for you to be adopting then from me and i thank those who take the time to read this journal.

as well you can reach me at :iconparaxellate: for a faster reply then what i gave you guys.

~sincerely, Para
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I remember how things used to be when i first got here and only been here for 2 years,now its 2016 and i was m.i.a from this account.

why?, well i got caught up on the superhero hype train and wanting to show my stuff more and i forgot about all the important things and my dearest friends on here,im terribly sorry you guys.

since now i look back to the good times we had,I feel the pain of those good times that are now long gone and will never be back,and now im here alone agan.

-it was too important for me to simply get rid of this account,im too attached to it as it was a part of me.

on some ok news ~you guys are more then welcome to visit me on :iconparaxellate: as its where ive been forever.
  • Drinking: coca cola

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CrystalCircle Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch! :D
^^ your welcome
SparkleWolf404 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Just wondering, have you ever used that fire dragon you bought from me 3 years ago?
Paralell-dragonhuman Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015
unfortunately i got stuck in a rl rut,but i still fully intend to use it
SparkleWolf404 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright, I was just wondering
Arion-Virozek Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
any eggs up for sale?
also, what happens to things people bought from you but they quit DA and dont use them?
unfortunately they stay with that person unless they choose to give them back to me.
im sorry but there isn't.

yeah, im sad to see my adopt went unused..i ut hard work into those.
Arion-Virozek Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
i bought alot of your stuff a long time ago, but never found uses for it
Paralell-dragonhuman Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
that's ok
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