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All of my newest stuff everyone!!:)



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now none of your buisness!!
About me! im 22 and like to draw traditional or digital, I like to make my own scfi ,fantasy stuff! I like dragons,comics and much more!

Ive never won a oct before and im not good at rping...however I LOVE to make groups ^^

im ok to talk to so don't be afraid to talk to me ^^ :) , I don't tolerate art thieves,rudeness,negativity,ignorance,terms referring to my obvious gender,lack of consideration or manners and will block or ban any thieves in my sorry but people need to learn how to draw even its not a master piece it will be appreciated for its originality rather then resort to stupid stealing.

Im not a attention seeker but like everyone else I do enjoy positive feedback...but I aslo appreciate helpful info on my comics as to how to improve them. Faves are ok but don't tell me much except you peoples like everything ive done XD

As we'll feel free to give me a nickname like Para or something, I don't mind ! :)


rp---unsure, dont ask. i quit long ago but am thinking of getting back into it..but dont expect a flawless rp session if i do.

collab-- depends on what its about and what characters are involved. i will not collaborate with strangers. as well these are for single image or comics(depends on number of pages too.).

requests-- only for friends. once in a while as well.

gift art--only for close friends.if i know when your birthday is you may randomly get a surprise! XD the fun is that you will never know when i might make a gift for you.

commissions--i dont do these..never have.

Prices(money or pts)---until im sure of what i might do i wont do these just yet.
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Id figure this will help as well anything on here i will refuse to do and or dont like to see.. so please dont ask me for a request to do any of these as you will be declined...and please dont show me picture of the below either.

i was raised with strong moral as a kid and so follow those.

------------------IN ART-------------------------

-fetishes,including vore and anything in that catagory. whatever was found in my gallerry are requests belonging to people i made them for..nothing im interested in at all.

-sexuality,pornography,ecchi or anything showing genitals and reproductive organs. over pg13

_ group content to which involves sharing your pictures on youtube,skype,twitter,facebook,or any media outside of

-very old groups..i havent been active in them i probly wont be even today in the year of 2015.

-cats,wolves and or average wildlife animals/domesticated.there maybe same pretty designs but they are still what they are and it doesnt interest me at all.

- creatures displaying the above features of those animals in their design or behaviour..for example toothless may remind many of how a cat sometimes behaves as well with dog and human tendency added...also depends on the situation and or theme of it.

-depictions of discrimination,race,ethnic background,gender,sexuality,material others find to be offensive.If its bad then i wont draw it.

_ art with mature filters on it, if it has a filter then its there for a reason and so its not going to be very nice or friendly.

thats all for today folks XD
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Hey everyone!  :) just thought I'd stop in on my old account ,for those who dont talk to me on my newest I kinda want to know why?. I know one or a few arr busy or experiencing real life issues.

i be also changed since the 5 years I've been ocs gestalt,Erik,Kire and few others haven't had any of the spotlight since the past.. But they will get it sooner or laterXD

im also sure I beat back my depression thing and feel much happier:).
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Dergon makin skillzzz by Paralell-dragonhuman
Dergon makin skillzzz
created by; :iconparaxellate: aka me :icon Paralell-dragonhuman

I submitted it on other account first and now here fir you guys to see ^^.


green dragon;  Forest dragon

purple ish dragon: void Dragon

blue-prurple-aqua: Shoreline dragon

grey,gold,blue: Zipheyr dragon

Orange,green,yellow: Dead leaves dragon

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SparkleWolf404 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015
Just wondering, have you ever used that fire dragon you bought from me 3 years ago?
Arion-Virozek Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
any eggs up for sale?
also, what happens to things people bought from you but they quit DA and dont use them?
unfortunately they stay with that person unless they choose to give them back to me.
im sorry but there isn't.

yeah, im sad to see my adopt went unused..i ut hard work into those.
Arion-Virozek Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
i bought alot of your stuff a long time ago, but never found uses for it
Paralell-dragonhuman Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
that's ok
eilujenna Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
Happy Birthday!
eilujenna Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
Your welcome! Have a nice day!
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